Gateway of india| full updated details about gateway of india 2019


Gateway of India

Gateway of india| full updated details about gateway of india 2019

Gateway of india which is located in mumbai.Welcome to mumbai the financial and entertainment capital of india. this city is next to arabian sea that will show you some beautiful sun set that  you  have ever seen, give you some of the most delicious food that you have ever eaten and just surprise you by what you can see in every single day in the city. 

From tourist prospective this city is divided into two main parts south where you can find marine drive and the north you can find bandra juhu and andehri.

Gateway Of India Overview

Mumbai or gateway of mumbai these both are identity of each other if there is not gateway of india than there is not identity of mumbai. Gateway of india is a historical moment built during the British rule in was built to welcome queen mary and king george v.

when they came in india its construction  completed in 1924. Later on the gateway of india used as  a symbolic ceremonial entrance to india for viceroys and the new governer of mumbai.

The gateway of india is located on water front at apollo bunder area at the end of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj marg in south mumbai and over look the arabian sea, its buit during 20th century in mumbai , it is moments that marks india chief ports and is a major tourist attraction for visitor  who arrive in india  for the first time.

Its near by tourist attractions are Elephanta caves and taj  mahal palace hotel the gate way of india is major tourist attraction of mumbai and a popular gathering spot for local street vendors and photographers.

Gateway of india is a first view of mumbai for the people who is comming from the sea.gateway of india is one of the main attraction of mumbai. if you want to hangout chill and relax with your friends and love ones then you should must visit here.

if you love to watch shooting of movie then it is depend on your luck because many reagional or bollywood movie shooting is beingdone here so if you are lucky then you can see shooting also.

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.Other tourist attraction near gateway of india

There are many other tourist places near gateway of india like taj hotel which is just opposite of gateway of india, Elephanta caves which takes only one hour from gateway of india first you have to buy tickets for boat or ferry then it takes around one hour to visit Elephanta caves. Haji ali dargah and juhu beach both are near to the gateway of india.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit gateway of india is between  October and march after monsoon its open 24 hour for public and the tourist.

How to reach 

  By Train : The nearest railway station from gateway of india is churchgate  so visitor can take local train from any part of city to churchgate and from there you can visit gateway of india.

By Road: In mumbai there is good facilities ofbus taxi cab which you can hire directly to reach gateway of india

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Gateway of india| full updated details about gateway of india 2019
Gateway of india| full updated details about gateway of india 2019


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