Bannerghatta national park- Bannerghatta national park updated full details 2019


 Bannerghatta national park


Bannerghatta national park- Bannerghatta national park updated full details 2019

Bannerghatta national park which is located in bangalore. Bangalore have something  for everyone.  . There are lot of fun things to do in Bengaluru from parks, zoo,lakes and party places. There are whole bunch of activities to do with your family to entertain. 

There are many beautiful places to visit in bangalore. There are many places to visit in bangalore each places has something new and unique to offer. Among the best places to visit in bangalore there is bannerghatta national park which is one of the main attraction of the city. Bannerghatta national park has every thing to offer so here is complete details about the Bannerghatta national park

Bannerghatta National park Overview

Bannerghatta national park is a wonderful place which is spread over around 105.27 sq. km. and has been established in 1970 and declared as nationalpark in 1974 which is situated in the hills of Anekal range. Explore the forest and absorb Endangered animals in their natural habitat at bannerghatta nation park. 

Bannerghatta national park is one of the famous tourist destination with a zoo and a butterfly enclosure  an animal rescue centre,  an aquarium, a snake house and a safari park. bannerghatta national park is located 22 km away from the bangalore main city. it is said that more than thousand people visit here to watch the endangered animal.

To add enjoyment in your trip there are many kind of safari facilities are there so there is option for you to choose that which safari ride you want to take. There is lion and tiger safari which is around 12 km or you can choose Grand safari which is around 8km. there are many option available for safari. you can choose zoo with lion and tiger safari or zoo with grand safari or only zoo

If you are a nature lover and a photographer then Bannerghatta national park is definitely a treat for you to visit. there are huge collection of endangered animals like bengal tiger, elephants, jackal leopards, fox, wild boar,  Asiatic Lion,  monitor lizard and many more.

you will come to know about many plants and different type of tree like bamboo,sandalwood,neem and many more trees. Bannerghatta national park is full of natural beauty its each frame is beautiful and photogenic. 

One of the main attraction of Bannerghatta national park is Butterfly Park. Butterfly park is spread over 7.8 acres which is known as Butterfly park.  The conservatory has beeen designed in such a way that more than 20 species of butterfly lives there.

you can know and learn about  each and every single details about the butterfly habitat.  you can also say that butterfly park is among  one of the main attraction of bannerghatta national park.

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Location: Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnatka 56003

Best time to visit Bannerghatta national park  :  Between September and january, It is closed in tuesday

For grand safari  along with zoo: 

  • For Adult:  Rs 260
  • For children: Rs 130


Entry Fee for Bannerghatta national park Zoo

  • For Adult :  Rs 80
  • for children from 5 to 12 age group: Rs 140

Entry fee for butterfly park of bannerghatta national park.

  • For adult: RS 30
  • for children:  RS 20

Boating ticket fee:

  •  Per head: RS 50  Duration 30 minutes
  • full boat (2 seater):  RS 200 for  Duration 30 minute
  • full boat 4 seater : Rs 300 duration 30 minute


  • zoo, butterfly park and the boating Timing  : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Safari ride timing: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM



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