Vipin Sahu paragliding viral video boy full details and biography 2019

Vipin Sahu paragliding viral video boy full details and biography

Vipin Sahu when you will hear this name than its not just a name now this name became a sensation after a video went viral on social media.  and from there everyone wants to know about that who is Vipin Sahu or who is that boy whose paragliding video went viral so here is complete details about him

  • Full Name: Vipin Sahu
  • Date of birth: 13th September 1995
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Where he lives: Banda, Utter Pradesh, India
  • proffesion: owner and founder of vipinceramic house
  • studied At: Bundelkhand university, jhansi
  • Study: Has been certified with CCNA 

After his video went viral Vipin Sahu himself came in media, and he told everything about the whole incident that how that video went viral 

Vipin Sahu says that he went on a trip which was scheduled from 3rd July to 11th July along with his four friends whose name are Pritam Dixit, shubam Tiwari, Adil Ahmed, Manoj pal. And he went for paragliding on 7th July at Kullu. Which is located on Solang valley, paragliding point at Manali.


Link of video which went viral: click Here

 Vipin Sahu paragliding viral video boy full details and biography

Vipin Sahu said that he had never done paragliding, so it was his first-time experience of paragliding. And he was shooting his video of paragliding with a selfie stick, and he said that everything was going great when he was flying high, and he was enjoying the view from the sky. but after a few seconds when he suddenly saw a downside view, then he became panic and started to cry

And he was so much nervous that he told his friend to land the paragliding immediately but his friend said that he cant land the paragliding immediately, so he again started crying, and he started to scold his friend and that situation was so much fun that due to that the video became perfect for meme material, and it became viral on social media.

 Anyhow Vipin Sahu landed, and he went to his home, and he said that he had not shown that video to anyone and he secure that video in his laptop, but he said that his small brother had watched that video in his laptop

 And his smaller brother publish that video in his youtube channel, and after eight days he saw his video in news channel, and everyone started calling him in his phone than he realised that his video became viral on social media.

And Vipin Sahu have said in one interview that he really good when people are giving him so much attention and he also said that one couple had texted him message that due to that video the girl has patched up with his husband while both husband and wife were sitting in two sofa and watching tv and when they saw Vipin Sahu viral video than they both started to laugh loudly and after that they have done patch up.


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