wonderla bangalore| wonderla bangalore full updated details 2019

                 wonderla bangalore

Wonderla Bangalore| wonderla bangalore full details updated 2019

wonderla which is located in bangalore.  Bangalore which  have something  for everyone. there are lot of fun things to do in Bengaluru from parks, zoo,lakes and party places. There are whole bunch of activities to do with your family to entertain. There are many more  places to visit in bangalore.

Wonderla bangalore overview

wonderla bangalore  which is 28 km away from bangalore main city is a top trip advisor rated family park in bangalore. if u want to have some thrill with lots of entertainment and crazy water rides then wonderla is definitely a place for you.

The amusement park is really an excitment attraction and in a way to ride like dragon and  also the slides of beach at wave pool.

it is one of the best places to visit in bangalore. one can spend a whole day here and wanting for more. it is one of the loudest, craziest and the most amazing part of town. its a place to celebrate every small success of your life.

if you love water parks, if you love some thrill or you love to explore than you should must visit here. wonderla bangalore has everything to offer you.

first you have to take tickets then you can enter inside and after that you have to change dress because jeans or any other formal dress is not allowed to were inside water park only polyster or nylon cloths are allowed so you have to buy tickets for locker room and you have to put all your baggage there and after changing your cloth you can explore the wonderla.

There are many rides option are available inside the wonderla bangalore and the best thing is that you dont have to pay for any rides all rides prices are included in your tickets so you can enojy every rides how much time you want.

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    Wonderla Bangalore| wonderla bangalore full details updated 2019

    Land Rides

    There are many option and category of land rides like Net walk, hang glider, wonder splash, sky wheel, toon tango, Termite coaster and Train, Dungeon Ride, crazy car 1 and 2, crazy wagon, Rpckin tug.

    Water Rides

    There are many option available for water rides also like jungle Lagoon, Lazy River, Boomerang, harakiri,fun racer, uphill racer, Twisters 1,2 and 3, rain Disco, wave pools, play pools, wavy and vertical fall, korneto

    High Thrill  Rides

    people love to have some thrill rides so here is high thrill rides for courages person and there are also many option available for high thrill rides like Recoil, Flash Tower,Hurricane, Y-scream, Techno Jump, Drop Zone, maverick, Wonderla Bamba.Equinox ,nsanity

    Kids Rides

    wonderla bangalore is also a special treat for the children. there are many option available for kids like magic mushroom, mini venice, mini pirate ship, merry Ghost, kiddies wheel, mini express, jumping frog, flying jumbo, lion swing, funkey monkey, convoy and many more.

    Entry fee    


    For Normal Season (weekdays)

    • Adult: 923+18% GST
    • child: 740+18%GST
    • Senior citizen(60 to69):690+18%GST
    • Super senior citizen (69+):460+18%GST
    • Fast Track Adult: 1385+18%GST
    • Fast Track Child: 1110+18%GST

    For Normal season (weekends)

    • Adult: 1182+18%GST
    • child: 945+18%GST
    • senior citizen(60 to 69): 885+18%GST
    • super senior citizen(69+): 590+18%GST
    • Fast track Adult: 1775+18%GST
    • fast track child+18%GST1420

    Festive Season

    • Adult: 1254+18%GST
    • child: 1005+18%GST
    • senior citizen(60 to 69): 940+18%GST
    • super senior citizen(69+): 625+18%GST
    • Fast Track Adult: 2195+18%GST
    • Fast Track Child: 1760+18%GST

    facilities in wonderla bangalore

    • locor and dress changing room
    • Drinking facilities
    • first aid facilities
    • Atm counter
    • cloak room where you can store heavier bag
    • parking facilities
    • smoking zone facilities
    • baby feeding  room
    • prayer room
    • dormitory
    • Resort

    What to wear at wonderla Bangalore

    • swim suits
    • tops and shorts
    • body suit
    • three fourths
    • shorts
    • Tshirts
    • burkini

    Some tips for wonderla Bangalore

    •           outside food are not allowed
    •           pets are not allowed
    •           polyster and nylon costumes are only allowed
    Wonderla Bangalore| wonderla bangalore full details updated 2019


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