Bhai Dooj full details and Bhai dooj Full History

What is bhai dooj?

Bhai dooj ful details and history of Bhai dooj

Bhai dooj is a festival which is celebrated mainly in Hindu religion. The celebration of Bhai Dooj has a significant meaning attached to it. The word Bhai Dooj has two words  “Bhai” which means brother and “Dooj” which means the second day after the new moon, which is a day of its celebration. Bhai Dooj is also known as Bhaiya Dooj or Bhai Tika or Bhardutiya. This festival  is mainly celebrated in the month of Kartik on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha of Hindu calendar or Shalivahan Shaka. This year Bhai dooj falls on 29th October 2019 on Tuesday.


There are many special days or festival or occasions that are dedicated to strengthening the love between a brother and a sister like Raksha Bandhan and others. Bhaiya Dooj is also one such event that can define the internal love between the sibling’s brothers and sisters. 

This beautiful Bhai dooj festival is also a momentous occasion or celebration where sisters pray to God for the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their beloved siblings or brother.  Bhai dooj is a festival in which we can see the genuine love and caring nature of brother and sister. 

In India or in any other country when there is festival then all family member and relative comes to our house or we go to there places and we enjoy the festival with love and happiness and Bhai dooj is also like the same festival where every brother visit to their sister house to celebrate Bhai dooj with their sister and spend their quality time with them by showing love towards them


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What is the mythological story of Bhai dooj And why It is celebrated?

There are many Hindu mythological based stories related to the origin of Bhai dooj. According to the one fictitious story, Lord Krishna visited his sister house whose name is Subhadra after killing demon Narkasur. Her sister gave him a warm welcome by aarti  and applied tika on his forehead and put some flower on his head and worshipped to her brother lord Krishna  and made the occasion really special and memorable and hence the festival of “Bhai Dooj” was born from there and sister started to celebrate this festival and started to pray God for the long life of their brother.

Another mythological story based on Bhai dooj is of Yama, the God of Death and his sister the Yamuna. It is believed that Yama met his beloved Yamuna on the second day after the new moon which is known as Dwitheya, and thus the occasion began to be celebrated as “Yamadwitheya” across the whole country from that day.

How is Bhai dooj celebrated? 

On the day of the Bhai dooj sisters invite their brothers to their house and they make tasty dishes and food which their brothers like to eat. Bhai dooj is celebrated in different style according to their community like in Bihar it  is celebrated in another style likewise in Nepal it is celebrated in other forms but the main motto of This festival is that it signifies the duty of a brother to protect his sister, as well as a sister’s blessings for her brother.


And after inviting their brother to their house the sister start the ceremony in traditional style, sisters perform  aarti  for their brother and apply a red Tika on the brother’s forehead and worship their brother like a god by putting some flower on their head and this ceremony on the occasion of Bhaiya door signifies that the sister pray to god for the long and happy life of their brother and after that sister serve tasty food to their beloved brother and also help them sweets for adding sweetness in their brother-sister relationship and In return brothers bless their sisters and they promise to their sister that he will always protect them and brother give some gift to their sister with love.


 women who do not have a brother then they worship the moon and the sister whose brother lives far from them, and they can visit their brothers house then they send her sincerest prayers for the long and happy life of their brother, and they pray moon on the memory of their brother and they do Aarti of moon and this is the reason why children of Hindu call the moon as Chandamama (Chanda means moon and mama means mother’s brother).

What is the main motto or significance of 
Bhai dooj?

Bhai Dooj Festival holds lasting significance into the relation of brother and sister. It is an ancient occasion that celebrates the strong bonding between the brother and sister or between the siblings. 

In the present day’s brother and sister celebrate this festival with great passion and fun. It is the occasion when brothers and sisters remember their responsibilities for each other, and the brother makes a promise to their sister that he will always protect her and he will always present when her sister needs them. It reunites and renews the relationship and love and bond of brothers and sisters 

 How is Bhai Dooj celebrated in Nepal?
Bhai dooj ful details and history of Bhai dooj
            Nepali sister is putting tika on their beloved brothers.


Nepal is a very peaceful and loving country people in Nepal are very serious about their culture and tradition. They obey each culture and tradition rule with love and care. They celebrate their festival with pride.

Bhai dooj is known as Bhai tika in Nepal. Bhai Tika is also celebrated in the same way as Bhai Dooj is celebrated, But there are some minor changes and people in Nepal celebrate Bhai tika in their way. In Nepali way sister go to their brother house, and they will perform aarti and put tika to their brother, and they will worship their brother as a god, and after that the sister will make food on their brother house, and they serve food to their brother, and when their brother finished the meal after that only the sister will serve food for themself and eat. 


How Is Bhai Dooj Celebrated in Bihar?

Bhai dooj ful details and history of Bhai dooj
Its the place where they will make their brother to sit and here they will start the Bhardutiya

In Bihar Bhai dooj is known as Bhardutiya and in this day brother will visit their sister house and after that brother will sit in-ground and sister will apply some tika, and they will put some rice-wheat (pithar) on their brother’s hand, and they will be it by water by the help of Betal leaf (पान का पत्ता), and they will do this for 3 times and at the time of washing the brother hand by the help of Betal leaf the sister will say some Sanskrit words and after brother will give gifts to their beloved sisters.

How Bhai Dooj Is Celebrated in Bengal and kolkata?

 In Bengal or Kolkata, Bhai dooj is Known as Bhai phota or Bhai Phonta. Bhai phota is celebrated after the end of Amavasya. There are two levies which are next to Amavasya that are a protopod and Dwitiya. in Bengal sister call their brothers to their house after that they perform aarti, and they worship their brother, and after that, they exchange their gifts, and they passionately celebrate Bhai phota.











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